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In compiling this record of Costessey Hall and the Jernegans, Jerninghams and Stafford Jerninghams, who, in turn, occupied it from 1564 to 1913, I have not attempted to record all the historical facts that are available, as such a work would be so cumbersome as to be impractical. I have, however, used certain information from various publications mentioned in the reference, some of which are readily available from the Norwich City library.
Help was also received from Mrs. Manning (nee Jernegan) from California USA, who forwarded me copies of her  research she carried out whilst tracing her ancestors from England.

Thanks are also due to the great number of Costessey residents who have loaned me photographs for reproduction, especially to Miss K. Gunton,  for permission to copy photographs in the Gunton Collection, and to Mrs. D. Ashley for permission to copy photographs taken by her late husband, Mr. Hallam Ashley F.R.P.S
Thanks are also due to the Senior Citizens of Costessey, who have readily agreed to be interviewed, and their recollections recorded, to Mrs Sylvia Yates who read through the draft of this record with a critical eye to literary composition and suggested many improvements, to the capable typists of Alfred Marks Recruitment Consultants, who, in giving their time and efforts on behalf of the ITV Telethon '90 charity Appeal, made legible copy out of my manuscript, and to the Costessey Parish Council whose interest in this project has helped, together with the Costessey Society, in its publication.
Costessey 1990, Ernest G Gage

Costessey Hall - South Aspect

Costessey Hall - South West Aspect

The Drawing Room Costessey Hall

The Drawing Room Costessey Hall

St. Augustine's Chapel and Old Tudor Hall

Inside Staff of Costessey Hall c.1905

Passing Out Parade, Costessey Park
1914 - 1918

Regimental grooms on 'Villagers' Bridge
Costessey Park

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Ernest G Gage
The publishers wishes to thank the Eastern Evening News for there permission to use the above photograph of the author taken by Harry Naylor.

Ernest Gage moved to Folgate Lane, Costessey in 1956. He retired from the drawing office of the GPO in 1975. In his retirement he was an accomplished wine maker - organ player of the year - water colour painter and photographer.

He then became interested in history and was known as the Local Historian. He began his research into the history of Costessey and published his first book on Costessey Hall in 1991. In 1992 he continued his research into the history of Old Costessey and his second book 'Costessey - A Look into The Past' was published in February 2002.

Sadly Ernest Gage, the author of 'Costessey Hall' and 'Costessey - A Look Into the Past' died in 2010. Ernest would be very pleased to know that his last book 'Costessey - A Look Into the Past' is being reprinted
© 2013 Brian E Gage

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